We are experts

We specialize in working with development partners in the industry to create exciting game themes and technological innovations for existing gaming platforms. We have the expertise and experience to take our own Intellectual Property or that provided by our partners from proof of concept through final release. Our Compliance specialists work with development and engineering teams, as well as with individual jurisdictional regulators and testing labs every step of the way. We ensure that the final products meet all the current regulatory requirements and are approved in seamless and timely fashion.

The gaming division at Leap Forward combines seasoned professional engineers, designers and mathematicians. Together, they collaboratively engage in the design and implementation of innovative and creative game themes for existing machine platforms as well as non-conventional gaming arenas. The Game Development Division also includes well-known innovators in the gaming systems arena who are prepared to bring their experience and vision to the next generation of networked gaming systems.

Our Ideas

We have an impressive library of existing and pending patents for innovative games waiting to be developed for existing and future platforms. These games are easily adaptable for participation, daily fee or for-sale games. We also have patent-pending technology designs that can revolutionize the functionality and profitability of associated equipment.

Your Ideas

If you have an idea for a new game or product, we have seasoned professional engineers, designers and mathematicians ready to partner with your organization and transform your great idea into the next innovation in gaming!

Let us help you minimize engineering time and maximize your profits.

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Our Game Development Process…the 3 “C”s


In this first phase, we employ an intensive process of learning, understanding and gathering information about our customers, ideas, concepts, art, sound and platform. Utilizing this key knowledge, we then begin to paint the picture of what both our customer’s needs are and the needs of the player as well.


In the second phase, we take an iterative approach to forming the game from the concept. Our talented staff works collaboratively to incorporate the design, branding, mathematics, engineering, programming, lighting, artwork, choreography, characters, colors, and sounds into the overall tone and feeling of the playability of the game. Within this explosion of creativity, we have a game model that can be played, analyzed, critiqued, adjusted and molded into the concrete representation of the game concept.


In the third phase, we continue to refine and fine tune the game. The game is polished, documented and tested to the highest quality levels. The game has undergone a multitude of critiques and adjustments until it represents the highest level of distinction. Our dedicated team of professionals will accept no substitutes for excellence as only the best will do. Only then is the game worthy of having a Leap Forward Gaming name brand stamp applied to it. Once complete, Leap Forward is ready to proudly unveil to the world our finished product. An LFG game is second to none.