Who benefits from SaffariNet®?

  • Flexibility: Allows for easy operator relocation of any manufacturer’s EGMs.
  • Low Cost : No expensive EGM hardware replacement required to implement the SaffariNet® system using LFG’s state of the art powerful CPU.
  • Independently-Operated Software: Works with new and legacy EGMs with no changes to existing approved EGM software or external systems on your casino floor.
  • Remote Monitoring: Provides for real-time, dynamic, casino floor layout and reporting of EGMs.
  • Operations: Offers focused, as-needed preventive maintenance along with real-time alerts.
  • Bill Validator/Printer: Real-time event reporting and remote reset of jams and errors. Provides for continuous health monitoring via the second port to prevent machine downtime.
  • EGM Performance: Real-time meter collection data, eliminating the lag time in receiving EGM information. Efficiently manages your casino floor using our instant data-capturing technology.
  • Applications: Software Development Kit (SDK) provides for operator-customized applications and content.
  • EGM Power Reset: Allows local or remote event-driven EGM power resets for typical error correction without technician intervention.
  • Data Management: Provides real-time management and display of EGM SAS or G2S data, allowing for instant performance and operational analysis.
  • Software/Firmware Updates: Allows operators and regulators to remotely authenticate and update EGM and peripheral software and firmware.
  • Progressives: Allows for EGMs on any floor to be linked together by a network, independent of existing progressive networks.
  • Picture-in-Picture (PiP): LFG’s Patron Display Interface provides the ultimate flexibility in Picture-in-Picture technology, rendering your custom content on any side of the EGM screen completely independent from regulated EGM-generated images.
  • Bill Validator: Allows for acceptance of player-specific campaigns, promotions and bonusing opportunities via the second port.
  • Ticket Printer: Allows for printing player-specific campaigns, promotions and bonusing opportunities via the second port.
  • Card Reader: Offers carded promotional coupons via a campaign manager.
  • Player Rewards: Monitors player credit-in and play activity levels to provide carded and non-carded player rewards and targeted bonuses.
  • CRM: Supports key customer loyalty activities, features and experiences, enabling operators to fully realize their business goals.
  • Smart Devices: Links smartphones and other devices, enabling LFG’s PlayPal™ cashless payment solution.
  • System Integration(TIBCO®): Provides seamless integration into all existing systems including TIBCO® Enterprise Message Service.
  • Security: Provides multiple layers of advanced, patented authentication and encryption technologies.
  • Infrastructure: Provides for a network overlay system, separate from existing casino systems.
  • Wireless: Eliminates the infrastructure expense and logistics associated with a wired EGM network. No need to tear up carpets or cut concrete floors.
  • Wired: Ethernet capability provides up to 1 Gbps data transfer rates.