Networking operations on the casino floor just got easier.

The next evolution in the gaming industry lets you simply plug your Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) into a power source and your floor is instantly connected in real-time. SaffariNet® provides a low-cost, highly-secure, patented wireless system, incorporating Channel Blanket technology for high availability. Operators are empowered with new levels of connectivity between their machines, peripherals, progressives, player tracking content,and existing casino networks.

Named one of the “10 Game-Changers” by Casino Journal Magazine, LFG’s SaffariNet® multimedia ecosystem provides a bridge to server-based gaming and is an open network with instant connectivity. This creates an outstanding multimedia player experience while accommodating mobile devices and applications.

SaffariNet® is a unique, patented, turn-key wireless communication solution, separate from existing gaming machine systems, that creates an ecosystem combining…

SaffariNet® product demonstration by Ali Saffari.

  • Gaming machines
  • Gaming tables
  • Bill acceptors
  • Ticket printers
  • Internet
  • Card readers
  • Networks
  • Bonusing
  • Displays
  • Entertainment
  • Security
  • Real-time data
  • Player interactivity
  • Mobile devices

to create a symbiotic role in providing innovative, integrated solutions for our global technology and operator partners.

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SaffariNet® is composed of modular hardware components:

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Retrofittable module solution provides:

  • WiFi: Incorporates a secure WiFi module designed for demanding environments.
  • Camera: Incorporates a built-in camera, allowing for security and player monitoring, as well as player interactivity.
  • Microphone: Incorporates a microphone, allowing for player interactivity, unique bonusing opportunities and concierge services.
  • Motion Detection: Incorporates a camera-based motion detection feature, allowing for player interactivity and face recognition.
  • Audio: Incorporates an audio system allowing for player interaction and casino bonus and promotional audio celebrations.
  • Installation: Easily retrofittable on any existing gaming machine, offering instant wireless connectivity to SaffariNet®.
SmartModule™ Controller
High-powered single board computer powers the SaffariNet® system
PDI Module
Patron Display Interface provides for high-quality, multiple-brand EGM display modes and content.

One of SaffariNet’s® most impressive capabilities is the ability to provide patrons with our advanced Patron Display Interface (PDI). This provides patrons an interactive multimedia interface, which includes:

  • Targeted patron promotions
  • Unprecedented non-carded player tracking and promotional opportunities
  • Allows non-carded players to be rewarded
  • Interfaces with promotional tickets
  • Provides session-based promotions
  • Prompts non-carded players to join players club
  • Live video streaming
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