Revolutionary technology. Brilliant opportunities.

It’s the people at Leap Forward Gaming that make us unique and successful. We come from a multitude of backgrounds, with expertise that bridges many disciplines and spans industries, with specific focus and background within the casino gaming industry.

We have an incredible collection of talent – technical, analytical, artistic, unconventional and whimsical. All of these traits get applied to each product we create and deliver to enhance the relations and the benefits for our customers, casino and gaming players and our investors.

A message from Ali Saffari — Founder and CEO

Bright People. Right Solutions.

At Leap Forward Gaming that epitomizes the value we bring to our customers, and it’s what differentiates us within the gaming industry with our cutting-edge, game-changing innovations.

Our corporate culture cultivates passionate, talented problem-solvers who deliver ‘Big Company’ resources with industry-leading teamwork, innovation and responsiveness. Our customers’ challenges are treated with urgency and respect, and we work relentlessly to exceed their expectations. We derive innovation from internal development and external partnerships, explore ideas and deliver world-class products to the market.

Leap Forward Gaming is driven to a leader in our industry. Our success and continued growth result directly from the excellence of our employees. That’s why we strive to foster teamwork and innovation, encouraging professional growth and fulfillment. Our employees work hard, have fun, and thrive on success.

If you have a true passion for working in an environment where you can make a difference, Leap Forward Gaming could be the perfect place for you! Please contact us if you are interested in any of our careers opportunities so we can share with you the Leap Forward Gaming difference.


Ali Saffari
President and CEO

The Top 5 Reasons to work at Leap Forward Gaming

1. Our People

Our people are our most important and strongest asset. Our diversity helps shape our products and introduce new and exciting ideas. We are a team of technologists, mathematicians, artists, game designers and business analysts.

2. Our Culture

We have passion for what we are creating, we embrace new ideas. Sometimes these ideas come from having a chat in our break room, or taking a short walk outside of our offices. Wherever it may come from we want to push the boundaries and explore new worlds together.

3. Our Leadership

With leadership that has not only depths of industry knowledge, they also have a breadth of knowledge from backgrounds spanning many industries. Each day we all take on leadership and follower roles as we grow and work together.

4. Our Growth

We are still a small company, but we have a long history. We are growing every day, and as the business grows so does our infrastructure of great people. We have quadrupled in size over the last 3 months and we have plans to double our current size in the near future.

5. Our Benefits

We offer several benefits to our employees. We have setup Medical and Dental coverage with one of the leading insurance providers. With certain occasion and events we provide lunches and snacks. Please contact us to learn more about our offerings.

Leap Forward Gaming’s DNA

Organizations have business DNA and a culture that either inhibits or inspires greatness in people, ultimately reflecting on their business performance. High performing businesses consistently invest to create fully engaged employees. Excellent cultures accurately diagnose and provide highly customized prescriptions, infusing organizations with high performance business DNA.

Businesses can adopt entirely new strategies, shift their culture, change their collective skill sets and enter new markets, all it takes is a plan and leaders who are willing and able to make it happen. Staying where we are is easy and there are plenty of excuses to keep us there if we don’t want to do the hard work of creating new possibilities. There are too many examples out there however for any of us to feel like yesterday dictates tomorrow.

Knowing where we want to go and believing we can get there is critical to causing positive change. The belief that we are destined to remain where we are is the single biggest enemy of change we could possibly create for our business or ourselves.

Leap Forward Gaming’s work place approach and culture is about innovation, creativity, respect, passion, motivation, quality, communication, values, strength and goals. We take these values and apply them in achieving our business and development objectives.

Empowered leaders such as our CEO, Ali Saffari, understand and utilize leadership methods unique to their own personal style that cause immediate positive performance results and inspires team members to outperform previous contribution levels and constantly striving for excellence.